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Forms of Meditation

Did you know that there are many forms of meditation? Sometimes we can get stuck on one type of meditation or feel that in order to achieve success with meditation that we have to follow certain rules! Everyone enjoys meditation differently since we all experience life from a different perception from one another. It's important to find a meditation form or forms that you enjoy! Below I have provided descriptions of different types  of meditation for you to explore, I will continue to add to this page! 

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation is one of my favourite types as I love being active and being in the presence of nature! 

Walking meditation is best done at a park or on a nature trail, somewhere quiet where you are safely away from any vehicles or large crowds of people! It is done with your eyes open as you need to see where you are going so you don't trip and hurt yourself! As you begin to walk, focus on the sensations of your breath and the movement of our body. Once you feel your mind begin to relax, focus on the living things around you. I like to focus on the trees; I visualize life moving inside of them and the energy that is moving through them. Others may choose to focus on the movement of the wind against their skin or what they hear around them. 

Simply put, walking meditation is when we bring our awareness to how our physical bodies feel at the present moment and tuning into our senses to what we perceive around us. When we focus on these simples things we are able to step out of our minds and alleviate stress! 

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Breathing Meditation

Meditation on the breath is used in many spiritual practices and religions. In Buddhism, it is known as Anapanasati, which is the meditation technique taught and practiced  by Buddha.

When one practices breathing meditation they are bringing awareness to the inhaling and exhaling of their breaths.

When we focus on our breath we bring our awareness away from our thoughts and back to the simplicity of our breath. This allows our mind and body to relax allowing stress to leave our body. Those that practice breathing meditation often find that their mind is more focused, they experience more positive thoughts throughout their day and that they feel more grounded and centered. 

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