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Perception of Transformation

By Rev. Katelyn Bissat

November 22, 2022


TRANSFORMATION - It's a big word that many perceive to have different meanings because how do you truly judge if transformation has occurred? In nature we see it in many places, the most common example is the butterfly. This creature's beautiful metamorphic lifecycle is a powerful symbol for transformation and growth. The oxford dictionary defines transformation as "a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.".


For transformation to occur a physically shape doesn't need to change. Spiritual transformation is not something that we can see with the physical eye but we can feel and experience the changes in our life. In Metaphysics, transformation is not a process that ever ceases. We continue to evolve and grow as we journey through our lifetimes. These changes can be subtle, maybe changing a habit, setting a new goal, or significant, like a change in career, relationships or a move. Whatever the change may be we need to honour the process and be proud of the journey. 

Perception and Introspection

I find that our society is too focused on the achieving aspect of transformation; the constant need to obtain and grow in order to be happy. Instead we should celebrate our work, and who we are in each moment. Growth is important and change is inevitable but we still need to find the space to love who we are in each moment. 

What does transformation mean to you? When you think about change what feelings arise? Do you constantly focus on achieving or do you celebrate the amazing person that you already are? 

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