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Stillness Behind a Camera Lens

by Rev. Katelyn Bissat

September 23rd, 2022

Finding Stillness 

Photography is not often thought of as a meditative experience. It’s seen as an art form, but how does one truly feel behind the lens…..

When I’m behind the lens, out in nature capturing a moment of beauty, the world seems to stop. My breathing slows down, I relax and stillness comes over me followed by excitement when I capture the shot I was hoping for. Many of these feelings are also achieved through meditation. Many people define meditation as sitting quietly, but truthfully many activities that support relaxation and stress relief can be seen as meditative experiences.

Since I was a child I always enjoyed creating art. In my twenties I was told that I should pick up a camera as I intuitively have a different way of viewing things around me. I was blessed with the gift of a camera from my brother and the rest is history. Taking photos is now part of my selfcare routine.

My spirituality is rooted in being connected with the Earth. Capturing moments in nature and then sharing them with others is a way that I achieve bliss. My hope is that someone will view one of my photos and have a greater appreciation for our green Earth and wonder what magic it holds. 

History of the Camera

Did you know that the history of cameras dates back to ancient Chinese and Greek civilizations? Camera obscura is the first camera known to history, dating back from Chinese texts from 400 B.C. and can be found in the writings of Aristotle from around 330 B.C. The camera obscura was not a photographic camera, it instead focused light through a lens and then projected it onto a screen. The first photographic camera was invented in 1816 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. The oldest surviving photograph was taken in 1826.

Thanks to today’s modern smartphones we can all access the art of photography. I encourage you to look through the lens of a camera and try to see life from a different perspective.

If you’d like to explore some of my photographs you can check them out here

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